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Fuel Injection, A/C, Disc Brakes, and a CD player. MSD, MSD coil, Taylor wires, E-3 plugs, & Mallory distributor. Tuffy radio box console installed for amateur radios for Jeep Jamborees. Smittybuilt center console. 2 Meter radio, CB, 10 Meter radio.Has Detriot Lockers front and rear, Centerforce II clutch and plate.Reverse shackle kit. Custom air intake on fuel injection for my 4.2 engine.

T 5 Speed transmission.

Church, Wife Michele, her three children, Samie, Kalie & Tyler, My two sons Joshua & Jacob, my grandson Stian, granddaughter, his mom Kim, & Lillie my grand daughter, Jeeps, Hunting, Fishing. Running the roads in my Jeep to relieve stress.

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54 year old male in East Texas, divorced. I work as a supervisor on a land drilling rig. Like my job and Love Jeep Jamborees. I Love life and all it offers. My dad is my hero and I Love him and my mom greatly. God Bless this great country we live in and the men and women who serve it. Love being from Texas.

1986 CJ-7 Jeep, Code Red II, modified and w/ less than 20,000 actual miles. My CJ has a 258 w/ fuel injection, MSD 6A & coil, Mallory distributor, 4 way Disc brakes, hard top, quad shocks, Dana 300 transfer case, 5 speed, all wheels & tires match including spare, lots of chrome and stainless, 150 watt stereo, & A/C for hot Texas summers.

On the wish list.

On the wish list also.

Lime Green Rubicon, J-4000 or J-20 or a full size Jeep w/ a 401 V-8 or Buick 350. Maybe a Rubicon 4 door, we will see.

08/02/2009 23:48:20
Niiiice CJ!

From: BenMatt
08/02/2009 20:40:16
Very nice CJ7!!  My CJ7 is also my stress management.  It is currently down with a blown head gasket.  May you have many happy Jeep trails ahead!
From: jnichols
05/14/2009 18:02:43' target='_blank'>Myspace Comments @

From: jnichols
05/11/2009 15:19:44
05/10/2009 20:10:06
Thanks for the mothers day wishes!
04/12/2009 18:32:30

Hi Bill!  Hope you have a very Blessed Easter!  Here is the link for the jeep!  I sure miss it already.


Let me know if you can find it on here!

03/18/2009 01:28:17


 :o( Jeep is on the lot!  boohooo!  Just took it couple days ago, thought I'd let you know.

From: BagBat
01/25/2009 01:07:59


I finally decided to set up another web, here I am....

01/24/2009 00:37:21
Beautiful Rig !!!
01/19/2009 12:20:54
Thanks for the comment...Big Jeep Wave~~~


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